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Trend Intelligence is a subsidiary of Guangzhou Trend Information Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005. Its headquarters is located in the Guangzhou Tianhe National Software Industry Base. Trend Intelligence is a technology company powered by the dual engines of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). It is committed to leveraging AI and IoT to provide SaaS+PaaS service models for efficient and agile innovation. The company creates sustainable digital intelligence solutions with commercial capabilities, assisting brand customers in selling smart devices globally and achieving business growth. Currently, Trend Intelligence's service scope includes global new energy charging pile software development, offering more specialized and integrated sustainable monetization solutions for pile manufacturers and charging station operators.

Trend Intelligence offers customized charging pile hardware and software integration services to charging pile equipment manufacturers, operators, property management companies, and other related enterprises worldwide.

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Why Choose Us
  • Rapid responsive development capabilities.
    Based on the successful service experience with over 10,000 enterprise users, we rapidly plan and build a truly tailored PaaS-level software platform to meet your business needs.
  • Unique business operation philosophy.
    19 years of market refining and experience summarizing our exclusive smart business operation philosophy, with industry operation experts delicately managing touchpoints for wise commerce.
  • op-notch technical capabilities in the industry.
    Guangzhou International Artificial Intelligence Industry Research Institute, South China University of Technology, and Guangdong University of Technology cutting-edge cooperation.
  • Extensive project experience both at home and abroad.
    Offering an international version of the charging pile system, supporting the European standard "OCPP" protocol, and compatible with various international payment methods.

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