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Intelligent charging station solution
Device networking
Assist brand equipment to quickly go to the cloud
Transaction Management
Connect the payment loop and extend transaction scenarios
Digital management
An intelligent management platform based on big data
Advertisement Management
Cross border marketing, leveraging traffic value, and increasing profit points for operators
PC operation interface
Helping customers achieve intelligent management and operation in multiple dimensions, such as people, vehicles, charging stations, finance, and marketing.
Mobile Terminal
Store Manager and User Interface
Big Data System
Customized data dashboard, providing data support for operational decision-making.
Compliant with foreign markets

Provide an international version of the charging station system, support the European standard "OCPP" protocol, and support multiple international payment channels

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Charging stations going global

Multiple login methods

To cater to the login habits of overseas users, who tend to prioritize privacy and security, it is important to consider their operational preferences. The login methods should include options such as phone number, email, Google, Facebook, and Apple, among others. Additionally, the system should be designed to allow users to utilize certain features even without logging in.

Smart Charging Station Search + Appointment Scheduling

In response to the need for intelligent charging station search among vehicle owners, Trend Intelligence has integrated Google Maps to assist users in automatically retrieving their location and navigation routes, enabling them to quickly locate charging stations. Considering the varying electricity prices across different areas, users can also access comprehensive information on the charging station search page, including the power of the charging poles, the number of available charging ports, site images, electricity rates, distances, search times, station ratings, and any promotional activities.

Appointment for Charging

Sometimes users need to charge their vehicles and drive to a charging station only to find that there are no available charging poles. To address this issue, the system supports a reservation charging feature, allowing owners to book a charging pole in advance based on their actual situation. They can choose the time to use the pole. If there is an occupation, the system will deduct a hefty fine to reduce the occupation and improve the charging station experience for owners while also increasing the utilization rate of charging poles at the site.

Payment Method

In response to different payment habits and the resulting variety of payment methods, Trend Intelligence has designed payment options such as credit card payments, purchase of stored-value cards, and third-party payment platform Adyen. With the increasing national usage of third-party payment platforms like Apple Pay, Trend Intelligence has also integrated third-party payment platforms into the app and H5 user interfaces, making payments more convenient and diverse. Trend Intelligence has also developed an IC card payment solution tailored to the overseas payment environment.

Charging site management

You can review venue applications in the background, set fee templates, select equipment for deployment, and set the proportion of profits that the venue needs to distribute.

Charging Fee Management

Charging price strategy management, prepayment management, billing management, revenue and financerelated reports. Additionally, the system is designed to handle different charging methods and settlements for off-peak, peak, flat, valley, different holidays, and different electricity tariff companies.

Order management

Query all order information, including charging orders, occupancy orders, after-sales orders, and order reviews.

Data summary display

You can filter based on the station to view the corresponding station's business situation, total charging volume today, number of abnormal orders, number of faults, usage rate, and assist managers in better management.

Exception Management

The system supports monitoring of current, voltage, temperature, and other conditions during the charging process, promptly detecting equipment abnormalities, and timely handling and resolving equipment faults, thereby avoiding charging risks and reducing "zombie poles" to improve the user experience. Fault Management includes functions such as fault record, fault handling, fault confirmation, and fault analysis, providing convenience for users to manage faults and perform inquiries.

Maintenance and installation management

When the backend receives an application to install or repair a charging station, the platform can assign the task to the corresponding staff. The platform can also open the function of allowing maintenance workers to join the platform, so there is no need to hire maintenance workers for a long time. Maintenance workers can choose whether to respond to the order assignment within the specified time.

IoT platform

The Internet of Things platform can monitor the usage, utilization rate, online number, abnormal quantity, warning situation of all devices, and provide API interfaces to connect with third- party business systems. It can also serve as an operation and maintenance system to query the specific fault situation of devices, reduce on-site investigation and feedback on specific faults, and reduce after-sales communication costs.

Private Charging Station Sharing Mode

Owners share their charging stations with other drivers in need of charging when the stations are idle. This mode is implemented through a platform or application, allowing owners to set their own sharing prices and service time periods, thereby earning extra income by sharing their charging stations while meeting their personal charging needs.

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